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What does the Big Picture tell you?


August is an excellent time to review your business.

Create two columns on a piece of paper, with one labelled:-

  • What does the Big Picture tell you?

The other column should be…

  • New Behaviours/Actions

The first should be a complete download (use your diary or calendar to review month by month):-

  • What did you say yes to that you should not have?
  • What did you achieve that went really well?
  • What could have saved you money? and what made you money?
  • Which key relationships did you develop?
  • Did you require more planning and preparation time?
  • Which was your best month for business?
  • Did you schedule enough holiday?

Before you get stuck back into work for September, do it differently, make some incremental changes.  In the other column start to list new behaviours and actions.  They can be as small or as a strategic as you like:-

  • not eating at your desk
  • going for a walk at lunchtime
  • not travelling on the day of business trip meeting
  • scheduling planning time once a month
  • timetabling client meetings
  • booking next years holiday

“You must be the change you want to see in the world…” Gandhi

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