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Tell a good story – make it memorable



This week you have a really important presentation to make.  You want the audience to remember your message as it is the focus and vision for the next 3 months.  It must stick in the minds of everyone, follow the presentation tips below:-


It’s an art not a science:-

  • If you don’t understand it they won’t
  • If you don’t believe it they won’t
  • If you don’t enjoy it they won’t
  • You need to communicate fact and emotion
  • Different forms of presentation
  • Communicate mind to mind
  • Props for illumination not support
  • Get the bookends right
    • Beginning – introduce and engage
    • Close – re-enforce challenge and leave thinking


Using metaphors unrelated to the subject can embed understanding.  It can help with a really complex process or procedure becoming simplistic.


To manage nerves, visualise what you want to hear at the end of the presentation.


A hill walker needs to know how many paces in 100 metres you need to know how many slides in an hour.

Think of a presentation as a piece of music, does it have a flow and rhythm.

Don’t underestimate the power of silence.

Churchill worked on a presentation for 10 minutes which would last 2 hours and then he would take 2 hours to write a 10 minute presentation.

 Final thoughts

  • Outline = Tell them what you are gong to tell them
  • Inform= Tell them
  • Summary = Tell them what you have told them

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