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Ripples of behaviour


Behaviour is the outer ring of culture and is the start of a positive organisation culture or a contaminated environment.

Like ripples of puddle one incident, a small wrong doing can rock the very heart what the company stands for.

CIPD – People Management shared the following statistics:-

  • 1 in 5 SMEs have been defrauded by an employee
  • 1 in 3 Managers lie to get promoted
  • Half your team would sell your corporate password

Leadership should be the role models of what is acceptable behaviour and as with cashflow behaviour should be managed continuously, benchmarks and standards set.

In 2010 we saw in the media the Deep Water Horizon oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, 11 people died and marine life suffered irreparable damage.  BP and its suppliers were blamed the initial behaviour that led to the disaster were cost cutting decisions and lowering of standards on safety.  An investigation revealed there was a “failure to appreciate risk”.

So if you feel there is slippage in standards of behaviour what do you begin to do?

Haringey Council appointed Nick Walkley in 2012 following the death and investigation of “Baby P”.  The transformation of culture and values was required, Julie Towers MD of Penna was brought in to manage a change programme.  The first test of behaviour standards was anyone late for the workshop was sent away politely – “we wanted to imbue in our behaviour the qualities we expected”.

Simple team exercise to establish behaviours and values is to create two flipcharts – Acceptable and Unacceptable, even the smallest things will be the ripple towards positive or toxic environments:-

Acceptable behaviours

  • Arriving at meetings on time
  • Saying good morning and goodbye to all the team
  • Making tea for everyone
  • Washing up cups
  • Asking others if they need help

Unacceptable behaviours

  • Ignoring team members
  • Wearing headphones
  • Leaving the office without saying goodbye
  • Sarcastic in meetings
  • Lying about absences

The next stage of transforming a contaminated culture is to measure and acknowledge positive behaviours.  What are you looking to reward what links back to what you care about as a company.


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