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Putting yourself at stretch…


Yesterday I had a meeting with a leader of a large organisation and he explained he was struggling to see the talent in his next level of management.  He described how individuals reach a level of comfort and don’t want to put themselves into an area of discomfort.  His view was that you can only be successful if you always operate from a level of discomfort.

I liked what he said, although the language could be altered, discomfort does not sound attractive, however an area of challenge or a stretch sounds desirable.

At the weekend I used very basic language with our 10 year old son.  I said your brain may have to hurt just like your muscles do after a very exciting game of football.   This demonstrates that you have pushed yourself and if your brain is fizzing and asking lots questions you have definitely stretched your thinking.

It is obviously nice to reach a level of competency however think about just reaching out that little bit further  – go on stretch yourself this week!!

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Put yourself into stretch…

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