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Engaged or single…?


The HR trade journals write about employee engagement and there are endless models and surveys to measure your company.

As with any relationship it is asking the question what are you saying yes or no to.   In a relationship you work hard at still being interesting and attractive, however long you have been together.   Some of your team members might expect the company to make their work more appealing.

Engagement is a coupling and joint responsibility and the focus is on the career of the individual and the future of the organisation.

There are tools that can help your team see where their role fits and feel a key part of the success of the company:-

  • Display boards – measuring daily activities
  • Team talks/meetings that happen daily
  • Walkabouts to other departments
  • Client visits (accompanying others)
  • Site visits
  • Q & A events

The evidence is clear team engagement directly relates to organisational performance.

  • 64%    Average engagement score for a UK company
  • 35%    Current proportion of engaged employees in the UK
  • 73%    Engagement score that denotes a ‘high performing’ company

(figures courtesy People Management – September 2014)


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