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“Be who you want to be…”


Tuesday last week I heard Marcus Child from a company called Positive Reframe – the talk was how we can inspire and nourish our children to achieve whatever they want to achieve.  Marcus was captivating in his energy, humour however most importantly he was a very personable speaker who attached the content to his own values and family.


Everything is about a choice – the gap between the stimulus and the response, we decide how we will respond in any given situation, we always make the choice.  Sometimes we need to be properly selfish about the choices we make so that they lead to the future we wish to have. Mother Theresa believed in proper selfishness – you have to be fit yourself before you can attend the sick.

Creating a great start for our children is really important, we are the welcome, the entrance, the start of all that is to come for them.  Think about beginnings elsewhere and how fabulous they can be.  National anthems at football games, the starter before your main course or even as simple as your “welcome” mat at home.

The Picture

Marcus gave lots of examples where people have achieved great things because they wanted them.  They put their head, heart and soul into them.

Paula Radcliffe wanted to be a long distance runner, she was not particularly sporty as school, but her Dad described her as having “Sheer determination”.

Ellen McArthur at the age of 6 had the picture in her head that she was going to sail the world.

We get what we expect, if your mind is made up and you have a great picture you can go for it.  Make sure your picture big enough.  Are you asking the brain the right questions, if you ask small questions you get small answers back – Big is to big! Make sure it is YOUR picture!

Put everything in

  • Head – Hand – Heart
  • Without a desire or passion you won’t move forward
  • Live whole heartedly

Move away from being transactional

Be transformational don’t just do the job and never live a life around other people’s expectations.  Don’t get labelled, you can achieve what you want to achieve.  If there is a an element of discomfort you are growing, too much transacting you are not learning to fail.  You can reset the picture it is yours – the masterpiece to your life.

Good habits to support your picture & purpose

  • 5:1 accentuate the positive, there are always more great things in life than negative
  • Alex Ferguson 2 words as a leader “Well Done” – praise others
  • Language and physical support each other – “I must not forget” too long to process “I must remember” – the action supports the words

Start the day

“How are you today?” – “Fine”

If you hear a piece of music first thing in the morning it will stay with you all day, therefore if you start the day with the context of fine – that is all it will be.  Create your own start – Great – Marvellous – Fantastic get everyone in your family to find their own words.

“Be who you want to be…”

If you would like a workshop on motivation please do contact

Acknowledgement to Marcus Child:-


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