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The interest behind the position…


What is the best way for people to resolve their differences?

Negotiating seems the first approach, which often conjures up in our minds the two opposing parties sitting across a table fighting for what they think is fair.

If you went into any negotiation seeking a wise agreement however not holding a position you may be surprised at the outcome.  Holding a position can be personal and often individuals then attach their ego to the cause that they are passionate about.  Always best to separate the people from the problem .  Focus on interests behind positions.

In a library two visitors want different things – one wants the window open the other wants it kept shut.

No agreement is reached as they both hold their positions.

Enter the librarian who asks of both individuals “Why?”

One wants fresh air and the other does not want to sit in a draft.

The librarian opens a window further down as she has understood the interest behind the position and therefore she reconciled their interests not their positions.

Put yourself in the other persons shoes and above all look for the interest behind the position.

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