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Where are you now…?


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” Confucius

How many hats do you wear in life?

Put every hat on and mark it out of 10.

  • Director in Business
  • Runner
  • Daughter/Son
  • Mother/Father
  • Friend
  • Colleague
  • Cook
  • Housekeeper

Chance are you won’t get 10 out of 10.  However we will have a far better chance of getting to 10 if we believe in ourself.

“Some people want it to happen – some wish it would happen – others make it happen” Michael Jordan

The way you think and feel about yourself has a much bigger impact on your life than you think.

If you believe in your self and your abilities you will have the confidence to make it happen.

  • Positive self belief
  • Realistic expectations
  • Continuous achievement
  • Increased self respect & self esteem

All four are a continuous circle.  If you don’t believe you won’t have any expectations, and therefore you won’t achieve which will not give you the drive to move forward. To not reach a milestone is very demotivating and could rock your self respect and if it is public your self esteem.

Humans are motivated by a sense of purpose – set your sights on a goal and visualise yourself achieving it.  Enjoy the sense of achievement before you get there and give yourself the positive affirmations to raise your own self respect and self esteem.

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