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Who do you want to attract?


Cheeky name and a very vibrant image.

Rob Baines and Pablo Uribe started the company “Fancy a Snog” which is all about frozen yoghurt.

The business began after they discovered the yoghurt that they loved in New York was mainly sugar and a token amount of yoghurt.  They set about finding a healthier alternative which transpired to be agave syrup which they imported from Mexico.

The business began in 2008 and  now they have 10 shops in the UK including a pink double decker bus on the Southbank.  In 2012 they secured a deal with Unilever which means the product could be sold in supermarkets.

The firm’s shops are all decorated pop-art style in bright, iridescent colours.  The pair want to create “a premium global brand, the Ben & Jerry’s of the frozen yoghurt world”.

  • What does your brand project? – is it cheeky/conservative
  • Do you have brand values? – like the sugar in the story
  • Are you in-line with brand? – the stores and the entrepreneurs match the product
  • Where do you want your brand to go? – nationwide/global
  • Do you need a big brother for cash? – Unilever

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