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“Can you manage time or does it manage you?”


  • “We can manage time or can we?”- time ticks away we cannot stop it.  We can use it wisely and make the right choices we cannot control it
  • “We should have one planner for the office and one for home…” – we are one person work and life happen together
  • “To do lists get things done” – they are the intentions they don’t make it happen you do!
  • “People need a personal organiser” – people are not organised because of the systems they use they are organised due to a state of mind not state of office.  Time management is a behaviour shift a new habit a new way of working
  • “It is more efficient to stick to one task until it’s completed” – it is more efficient to work in chunks of time, you cannot complete marathons all the time it is short sprints on a regular basis that will win the race
  • “Focus on everything” – it is demotivating to focus on too much – you need to think about what you can achieve each day
  • “It is everyone else’s fault that I can’t manage time” – people interruptions/ telephone calls are all time obligations they come with the job.  You cannot blame others for your procrastination, you are normally the biggest time stealer, being a perfectionist, searching on the Internet, making mental notes and doing trivial tasks.  You are the time stealer don’t blame others
  • “Time is money” – time is more than money it is our lives


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