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Motivation …to move forward


Motivation derives from the latin word to move forward.  Therefore it is no surprise to see that modern day thinkers talk about growth potential (Teresa Amabile).  Dan Pink named his book on motivation “Drive”.  Its all about movement and momentum.

We make a decision every morning as to how motivated we are, imagine standing between pain and power and making a conscious choice as to which you will choose.  Most of us will go for power unless  physically we have to be at pain.  Everyday you need to think about what you want to achieve, as this will underpin how motivated you feel that day and the next.  When you review your achievements you will need to ask how many people or things were nourishers and how many were toxins.

There is modern support to record your progress i-done this is an app.  You are asked each day what you have got done.

How do organisations ensure the same momentum on a larger scale.

Auditing your company using Maslow hierarchy needs is a good indicator as to whether you are covering the basics.


However sometimes the small motivators if altered can be the biggest demotivators.  Taking away the biscuits, will live in the employees memory long term.

Please do contact nuggets for a 90 minute workshop on motivation.


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