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Fear of technology…


47% of CEOs say the speed of technological change threatens growth
We know that technological change is happening, but are we scared to embrace it or are we lacking the skills.
47% of the total US employment is at risk from computerisation
Housing  associations are already sending up drones to look at roof repairs. This has to be long term more cost effective than an individual going up a ladder making an assessment.
Amazon are teasing us with the idea of drone deliveries.
Teachers use electronic programmes so the long evenings of marking maths papers are disappearing.
Payments online for almost everything must be reducing hours and paperwork.
37% of workers are encouraged to be innovative 
Partnering technology rather than fearing it must be the way forward.  We need time to get to know it like we would a new member of the team.  We must lead it and decide what we want it to do for us.  Creative and innovative time where we can literally just play, this will identify how the technology can really make a difference.
Fear and excitement are very tightly linked – say yes to technology and let it change your life for the better.
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