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Find a coach in 2015…


2015 is the year to achieve your goals.

Find a coach to inspire and motivate and be there for you.

January is a great time to map out the year:-

  • 3 personal goals
  • Plan your holidays – plot the whole year on a year to view calendar
  • New habits and ways of working
  • Financial targets and new ways of managing money
  • Create some new rituals
  • Supper once a month with your partner
  • Family day once a month
  • Business objectives x 3
  • Business challenge not connected to objectives
  • 100 fun things you want to do in 2015

Colourful coaching with nuggets would map out all you want to achieve in 2015 and we would work closely with you to ensure you get there.

In 2014 colourful coaching with nuggets led to:-

  • 2 promotions
  • 2 new positions in different companies
  • Office move
  • Half a marathon

The smaller changes that had the greatest impact, new ways of working:-

  • not looking at phone before 9.00am
  • dealing with difficult phone calls first thing in the morning
  • writing down one achievement a month
  • looking at the whole year on one calendar

We work so closely with you to ensure that you have the best experiences.

Please do contact start the journey now…


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