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Grow in 2015…


Stretch yourself in 2015 and don’t let any obstacles issues block your growth.

Watched the programme on Necker Island quite interesting as to whether you were left wanting to go or actually feeling quite good that even if I had the money might not go.

One of the team who ran the waterspouts came from Spain and had been working in a waterspouts shop in London and was curious as to this huge order that came in for Necker Island.   His colleagues in the shop explained that it was for Richard Branson’s island Necker.  The young audacious man not really totally aware of the Branson legacy wrote to him and asked for a job on Necker Island.  He is now living on Necker Islands swimming with dolphins and doing a job he clearly loves.

Be audacious and reach for that request that seems unobtainable – go for it

Please do contact nuggets if you would like some colourful coaching to get you there even quicker…!!!



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