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Great habits…


Habits are great ways of working differently recognising the small stuff definitely leads to the big stuff.  If we were machines we would constantly be re-engineered, turning a screw tighter, being cleaned and speeding up.  David Brailsford the coach for team Sky calls it incremental changes.

In order for a habit to be effective Stephen Covey says we have to have the knowledge (understand why we want to change), the skills (how to do it) and most importantly the desire to change.    Giving up smoking is a great example, everyone knows it is bad, how to give up there is lots of support, but ultimately is down to the individual wanting to – their desire.

Take a look at your rituals and come up with some new habits and new routines.


  1. Set 3 most important tasks each morning to achieve
  2. Clear inbox at the end of the day
  3. 5-10 minutes exercise everyday
  4. Fresh air everyday
  5. Clear desk every night
  6. 5 lines only on emails
  7. Fresh fruit and veg daily
  8. No looking at your phone before 9.00
  9. No looking at your phone after 5.30
  10. Switch off at least 30 minutes before bed

Working with a coach can really help keep you on track with your new habits, contact to book your first session.



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