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Substitute the word time for life…


Whilst preparing for a “Managing Pressure” workshop I found a brilliant article written in the Evening Standard magazine back in 2011.
The journalist Helen Kiran-Taylor tells the all too familiar tale of leaving a briefcase at a hotel and asking the taxi driver to turn around.  Before she does this she says out loud:-
“I don’t have time for this”
the taxi driver replies “Substitute the word “life” for the word “time”  – “I don’t have life for this”
Time=Life therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life.
First thing in the morning decide what you want to accomplish and write it down.
The time or life you have with your family has to be calibrated short and long term.  The best mothers are often “slobs” in the article the journalist reveals she has possibly spent more time Cillit-Banging the kitchen counters than talking to my sons.
I often find with my own children they feel more free to talk to me on the school run than when we are back at home.  I managed to do the whole facts of life while looking through the windscreen, occasionally I saw my daughter’s shoulders moving as she giggled.
Time or life with my husband is now changing, our children go to bed at the same time as us now, unless we find life for each other, we may not know each other the other side of children.
I was asked how large my ambition was last week, which might not have been the best question, surely it should be what life do I want to lead.
Knowing the life you want to have determines where you spend your time.
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