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Does luck find you or do you make luck happen…?


Eddie Redmayne accepted his Oscar by saying he was a “Lucky Man”.

Which asks the question are you lucky in life or do you find the luck.

Redmayne does not come from an acting dynasty and to play some-one very much in the public eye with degenerating disease is not the easiest of challenges.

How do you find luck in life…?

  • Be proactive you will never find it by having a reactive mindset – go out and get it!!
  • Create goals and write them down
  • Put deadlines on the goals so that you can celebrate them
  • Raise your expectations – strive for more
  • Be ready when opportunity arrives
  • Reach out – other people can help you achieve your goals
  • Have new experiences – stretch yourself
  • Be positive – life is all about choices
  • Persist – work hard

Being lucky is an investment another journey in life.

Receive your Oscar and stand there and say “I am lucky” because you worked hard to get there by making the right choices.

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