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Not what you learn but where you learn…?


Where we learn is almost as important about what we learn.  Who we are with and how we are made to feel will affect our ability to absorb information and make decisions.

My heart sinks when you arrive at a conference room with no natural daylight and the standard leather blotters, cheap biros and water if you are lucky.

There is now evidence to suggest the further the learning environment is from our regular work space the tougher it will be to apply.  The brain likes to see the correct context.  However depending on what you want to achieve from a learning session will depend whether it is onsite or off site.  If you want your team to think differently and come up with creative ideas then getting them as far away as possible from the office would be great.  To apply technical training, or tweaking a process would be better to be in the office.


  • Should the learning be onsite or offsite – think about the purpose and what you want to achieve
  • Is the room inviting – natural light/good ventilation and lots of colour
  • Are you inviting – big smile
  • Hospitality – are they welcomed with hot coffee
  • Connecting – introductions – relaxed and informally
  • Review of the learning in the workplace within 48 hours

At nuggets we deliver 90 minutes of learning on-site so the application can be immediate, the same day you have learnt something you can apply it.  We value follow up coaching so a conversation with individuals ensures transference of learning.

Please do get in touch and see how we can work with your organisation



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