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Better decisions…


Deciding what is right can only happen when we have our feelings in check.  If we have negative self talk it restrains us, and we become immobilised.  Knowing that you cannot think and feel at the same time will help you understand why you need to move from feelings to thinking to make a decision.

Thinking is where we can apply:-

  • logic
  • clarity
  • calmness
  • creativity
  • awareness

Feeling is where we apply:-

  • dread
  • despair
  • duty
  • hopelessness
  • drive undirected

First step to making a decision is to ensure you are in a thinking mode, you can do this by giving the decision structure take the emotion out of it.

Deciding what is right, by answering the following questions:-

  • Policy – how does this event/situation apply to the company rules?
  • Principles – how does this impact the values of the organisation and my own personal values
  • Profit – does the decision I make have any commerciality
  • People – which team members does this decision impact

Any good answer comes from a framework of thinking, an audience always accepts a solution if it has good intellectual reasoning behind it.

Please do contact Bev at nuggets for a 90 minute workshop on decision making.



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