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It’s the recipes that you create yourself that are the best…


The quote and title come from a film “No Reservations” the main character played by Catherine Zeta Jones is a chef and her therapist uses this quote to push her into making a life decision.

My cooking skills and instinct in the kitchen might not be up there, but the metaphor of recipes and ingredients is very true in other areas of life.  This weekend we needed to plant some summer bulbs and some other plants, slightly perplexed as to where they went in the border, could have waited for advice and guidance, but didn’t.  The ownership of the planting and making the decisions was like ingredients in a recipe coming together. This morning I feel a huge sense of achievement as we created something for us.

We have more decisions to make everyday as there is so much choice. Surprising even the simple things can stress us out as they involve making a decision.  Direct Line recently conducted a survey and no surprise lack of sleep is number 1, but one of the entries was finding a parking space which involves choice and selection.  When we are under pressure we are using the emotional side of our brain which lacks logic one of the key ingredients of decision making.

When you do something for yourself and make the choices yourself you are empowered and the momentum builds.  Think this week of key ingredients to life and keep putting fabulous recipes and dishes out there.

Key tips:-

  • Ingredients need to be fresh – what does fresh mean to you? – fit and healthy – sleeping and eating well
  • Being creative – putting your own stamp on the recipe – having fun with work – doing things differently
  • Being proud of the recipe – enjoying the result and the achievement – celebrating the success

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