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Life Vs specialism


We are striving to be specialists and experts in our field however we still need to be worldly and aware of factors that effect people’s lives.

Gerald Scarfe and Greg Wise were both guests on Radio 4’s Midweek and one obviously a renowned Cartoonist and the other an Actor.  Greg Wise explained how Actors very much need to live a life and have experiences, they can then bring that to their role or character.  Scarfe also as an artist cannot work in isolation and especially with the exposure currently in the world of being a cartoonist.  Working as a builder after “Sense and Sensibility” Wise explained a need to “explore our relatonship to the world,  I want a brain surgeon to be a brain surgeon and a specialist  – acting you need to be living”.

There has to be a balance, you need to be an expert with open eyes.

Currently reading the “Go-To Expert” by Heather Townsend and John Baker, which is extolling the virtues of becoming a knowledge base.    The book is really practical and a great how to …

  • raise your profile
  • differentiating yourself from competitors
  • marketing yourself
  • being authentic

Build the platform as the expert, however don’t lose sight of living.

I am very aware the best facilitators and trainers are the ones that are living a life and not just giving you the theory.

The best teachers are the ones who have colourful stories to bring to the classroom.  My son will never forget the English teacher who laid out the content of an autobiography by telling his own story and the power of the opening line.  “I never knew my father, he died before I was born, landing a plane on an aircraft carrier”.  This is an extreme example, but the more memorable and the more life the more it will build on your platform of expertise as a specialist.

Live life this week in your area of specialism.


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