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What does your ring tone say about you?


On the Guildford to Waterloo train today, suddenly breaking the commuter silence is the theme from Goldfinger.  Pulses began to race and it was all before 9.00am so no off peak tickets in sight and sadly as hard as you looked no sign of James Bond.  Admittedly being the Sean Connery genre would have been happy with a mature Bond, however the owner in question was no 007.

Is our ring tone an extension of our personal brand or is just something quirky about our personality which we can be forgiven for the lack of professionalism.

My calling is a duck, which I hasten to add has got me into trouble, I was once walking when some ducks flew overhead and I made the quick draw of the mobile.  The ducks did not answer and there was no-one on the other end of the mobile.  I make the excuse that my kids chose my ring tone, not sure if I get away with that, as they are not the intended audience.

Animals must be a family theme my sister’s ring tone is a Cat which is her nickname.  She managed to get a whole restaurant to turn their heads and look for a real cat.

Passions do run high on these simple tunes, I particularly dislike that “WooHoo” when someone has a new text or mail.  Dom Joly built a show on the Nokia tune and my husband and I if we hear it still shout “Hello!!!!”

I often get requested to run workshops on email etiquette will mobile ring tones be next?

Have a great week and look out for James Bond on South West trains.


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