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Clear the space…


When you buy new clothes you often make space by discarding the old.  If you never did this you would end up with a wardrobe of clothes possibly half worn.

After a week of helping my kids revise for exams I need to clear the space in my head.  “Albert the Great, Henry II and French verbs were fine last week however this week I need new thinking.  If I imagine my mind as a wardrobe I need to clear out the old and find some new threads.

Farmers clear the space for growing however the process is very slow and planned.  You cannot dig up the seeds every 5 minutes to see if they have taken, you are looking at months of planning.  However they always begin with a clear space and decide what crop, animal or even seed will be sown, grazed in that field.

Revision is very similar to farming, if we did everything last minute we would have a poor crop.  You cannot put the crops in last minute and hope to yield harvest. Our own self development in later life does not alter, we cannot expect to be the CEO the next day if we have not invested time and effort in the company and its people.

We get out of everything what we put into “To serve others is to find yourself…“anon.

Unless you create space for the new it will never turn up” Steve McDermott

Often on property programmes they white wash the walls so that you can see the space available.  Before they do this it is hard to imagine how to live in the space, made even worse if you are looking at the previous occupants clutter.  Once the house is clear and you have space new opportunities of how to live emerge.

Clear the space in your head this week.  I often do an audit, by simply writing what I am saying yes to and what I am saying no to.  This is my decluttering…

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One thought on “Clear the space…

  1. Thanks! I do read your “nuggets” every week, you obviously put a lot of thought into it! While I think of it, Liz and I think that you should do the John B “speech”, rather than us all biddling about? !! Also have some bedding plants, cosmos, to bring over sometime if you have room? Xx

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