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Being human…


Started to watch the new series Humans last night on

Channel 4. 

I went to sleep somewhat troubled with the whole thinking around  being human.

When I qualified as a CoActive Coach the first principle was the balance between Doing and Being.  The second “Being” should be instinctive and is clearly all about being human.  However we get so obsessed with “Doing” that we forget how to just “Be”.  On my first session as a coach the course leader unfolded my arms and asked me to uncross my legs and simply said to just “Be”.  At the time I was very self aware and could not really grasp the subtly of the relaxed body state demonstrating “Being”.

Having now been in several coaching sessions I understand that we have to be a “Being” in the room and very human.  As a business coach I am there to understand what they are “Doing” but I have to be a real person to listen to what is going on beyond the tasks.  The more you work with a client the more there life spills into the sessions.

People are naturally resourceful and whole so as a coach we are there to guide their thinking.

Most individuals are aching to be seen for who they are, what happens is a life of doing prevents them from being who they want to be.

Coaching is not about fixing people it is about championing who they are.

Really great coaches are authentic they know who they are (they are a whole person).  They hold a client’s agenda and where appropriate challenge the thinking.  They acknowledge the individual for who they are, back to the initial statement everyone is naturally resourceful and whole.  Everyone is great just believe it!!

Toolkit for a really great coach:-

  • intuitive
  • deepen the client’s thinking
  • evoke a transformation
  • curious
  • they follow and hold the client’s agenda

Review your week by determining when did you need to be in a “doing” mode and when did you just need to be a “being”.  It is a fine balance:-

Being – lets life happen

Doing – makes life happen

Too much emphasis on being and there is no action, too much doing we lose a sense of ourselves.

Speak to nuggets about coaching:-

Colourful Coaching in organisations

  •  £250 per two hour session – every month (minimum commitment of 6 months)

Colourful Coaching – for private individuals

  •  £150 per one hour session every fortnight (minimum commitment of 3 months)



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