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Weekly cocktail…


At the weekend I gave a speech of thanks to a key member in our community, I used a metaphor to link the start and finish and to illustrate what the individual meant to us all.  The speech began with a tale of the said person being offered a drink, and the request for whisky, but clarity on the offering:-

“Is it a blend or a single malt…?”

Whisky was then the metaphor, how the individual had blended into our community, but most importantly blended into our lives.  This would only have been possible if they had been a single malt – a very unique individual.  Brave decision to use whisky however sometimes the more unrelated and random the metaphor the more people connect with what you are trying to say.

Only this morning on the radio the journalists are using metaphors to present the Greek crisis.

Last night in Athens some runners with head torches were setting off.  The journalist said

“They all seem to know where they are going in their capital.  Does the country though?”

When we are coaching we ask clients to describe the situation by using a metaphor.  At times the detachment helps to take the emotion out of the situation, or it helps to gain clarity.  In my years of working I have had animals, coffee machines and journeys are always a favourite.

This blog goes out once a week on a Monday.  We could describe it as weekly cocktail, lots of ingredients, all sorts of mixers and every so often a real punch of alcohol.

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