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Being Open to Open…


To take or not to take the iPad on holiday.  The association with work and connected world or the source of contact and rich learning.

Reading David Price’s excellent book “Open”  on holiday, it embraces the connected world that we now live in.  The philosophy is almost “you cannot beat them so join them”.

The iPad did come away on holiday as a friend and an enhancer, it sourced local restaurants and areas, provided audio books and did provide the links to home that were required.

The most impressive use was as a learning tool.  On one drive we saw a bird of prey swoop down and pick up a snake off the road.  It was an amazing sight and obviously needed to be “googled”, the bird was a “Short-toed snake eagle”.  One  google always leads to another, and before you know it you are watching a bird of prey catch a goat!  The shared experience as a family will stay in our memories for a long time.  We have a story to tell and as David Price’s would say, “the learning lies in the telling of the story”.

The book Open asks us to think of the consequential values which will now shape how we communicate:-

  • Share
  • Open
  • Free
  • Trust

The acronym created is SOFT, however the reality of the actions associated could very well change the dynamic of business and education as we know it.

Applying SOFT to my holiday story you can see how enriching and broader the experience is to the moment in time:-

  • Share – as a family all in the car
  • Open – can talk about it to anyone, collaborated with each other on our memory
  • Free – the iPad and google provided free knowledge
  • Trust – we trusted the content on google and each other with our story

As a business be OPEN and apply SOFT values and see whether this new collaborative and altruistic approach attracts new clients and business.

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