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Things not to do when planning a one to one …


One to one meetings with your direct reports are one of the most vital tools when it comes to managing performance.  Best practice suggests once a fortnight sitting down with those who report into you and giving them 30 minutes to an hour of your time to see how they are meeting their objectives.

These sessions are adopted in most large corporates, however sadly in such a perfunctory way that errors occur.

These are the most common mistakes during one to ones?

  1. Doing most of the talking
  2. Taking the problem away from someone
  3. Not inquiring about feelings
  4. Delivering unclear messages, unclear coaching, and unclear instructions
  5. Cancelling the meeting
  6. Allowing interruptions
  7. Running out of time
  8. Assuming your one to ones are effective
  9. Becoming a counsellor
  10. No structure

Please do share some of your own stories of brilliant and tragic one to one meetings.

For some key tips of making your sessions effective please contact for a workshop.



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