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Bespoke or tailored…?


When selling your services you must get a good understanding of what the client is trying to achieve with the learning.

7 key tips when taking the brief:-

  1. Purpose – do you understand what they want to get out of the session?
  2. Sponsor – who is going to champion the learning and support you?
  3. Authentic – how do you demonstrate you are a genuine consultant with a good moral compass?
  4. Experiential – for the content to work it must be practical
  5. Modular – businesses want training that fits around them
  6. Socialisation – have you built in time for the delegates to network?
  7. Measured – how will you demonstrate return on investment?

We often talk about behavioural movement, however the client will want to know what tangible outcomes that has led to.  Saying the delegate is more confident is not enough for the investment.  Explaining that the confidence has led to negotiating more with Clients and landing new business gives a great return.

As consultant we need to demonstrate that we are real, authentic and commercially savvy.  Your website and your branding is not enough to get any of these values across.  The real you comes across whilst having a coffee or taking the client out to lunch and remembering the names of their children.  Commerciality is not just about knowing the figures of their company, it is about an awareness of current events (last week with the Chinese economy).

The difference between selling in your services as bespoke or tailored.  Bespoke is the Rolls Royce you are going to fit it to their organisation and theirs alone.  Tailoring courses and workshops means altering what you already have to fit their company.  Commercially tailoring is more cost effective, however if the fee is right bespoke might make you win the business over competitors.

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