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Decisions decisions…


Decisions should be moving up the hierarchy in your organisation, or else the business does not grow.  Letting go is hard and trusting employees and giving them responsibility is tough.  Not that dissimilar to letting your children get involved in choice of  schools or subjects for exams.

In Susan Scott’s book Fierce Conversations she uses a brilliantly simplistic model to show the evolution of responsibility and trust.

Decision tree

Root decisions – strategic – need input from may people impact the direction of the company

Trunk decisions – make the decision – report the decision before you take action

Branch decision – make the decision and act on it – report in regularly

Leaf decision – tactical – immediate action no need to report back

The tree in Scott’s words is “a tool for delegation and professional development, you know your employees are growing and developing when more and more of their decisions are moved to the leaf level”. 

Think about the decisions you make this week and what level they are at and whether you take the action or require input from others.

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