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10 Top tips of negotiating …


“Let us never negotiate out of fear.  But let us never fear to negotiate”

John F Kennedy

How many times do you think afterwards you could have got a better price or could just simply have said more when the deal was being discussed.

Please find some top tips to think about when you are next negotiating:-

  1. Focus on interests not positions – interests are your underlying motivators and a position can be limiting especially if you attach your ego to it.
  2. Expand the pie – have lots of options and ideas do not limit yourself entering the discussion
  3. Treat negotiation as a puzzle which needs to be solved rather than a battle to be won.  Separate people from problem.
  4. Always know your BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement).  Consider the other person’s BATNA as well.
  5. Be respectful and empathetic to the person you are negotiating with.
  6. Make negotiations win/win
  7. Think of the level you are negotiating at:-
    1. Strategic – long term
    2. Tactical – immediate
    3. Political – other agenda
    4. Individual – personal
  8. Be careful not too steer the negotiation in the wrong direction:-
    1. Value Slayer – talk about price too quickly
    2. Value Snoozer – telling them something they know already
    3. Value Star – telling them something amazing that they don’t know
  9. Think about characteristics of great leaders, patience, fairness, resilience, respect and many more…
  10. Finally look for a wise agreement for both parties

Please do contact for a negotiating workshop.



One thought on “10 Top tips of negotiating …

  1. Really good advice – probably hard to remember all of it in the middle of discussions (particularly if they do become a bit heated!) but one or two would definitely help.

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