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3 a day…


The media is awash with mindfulness, enjoying the moment we are in, even colouring to be sure that you are focused on just the task in hand.

We manager our bodies by eating 3 solid meals a day and yet our mind is nourished in a rather more haphazard approach.

At the start of the week you possibly plan your main meals and yet do you ever write down the main things you want to achieve at work.  I bet you have a to-do list, however that just looks like one long shopping list.

Think of your mind like your body.

Achievement underpins motivation, so we feel good when we get stuff done.

Each day say to yourself, what 3 things will make the biggest difference to work and life.  As with diet you need a good balance it is the same with your mind.  You must ensure that at least 1 out of your 3 achievements is something home or personal that will add value for you and your family.

When you diet you are very disciplined and focused see this 3 a day mindfulness diet the same way.  Share as team what 3 things will make the biggest difference and ensure that they do.  Slimming world and weight watchers are successful due to the support, the same should be true for you and your team on a mind diet.

By the time you hit Friday you will have worked on 15 achievements.

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  1. Great blog as always Bev.

    Noticed you have written right rather than Write – you might want to amend? X

    Rebecca Newenham Get Ahead VA

    01483 332220 / 07973 738192

    Sent from my phone so apologies for any typos.

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