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Creating a different perspective on work…


I took a week off work last week and focused on physical tasks rather than mental tasks.

We have lived in our house for 10 years so it needed a repaint, an industrial clean in certain areas.  It was a very good workout and not that dissimilar to the business.

  • What needed to be thrown away? – which areas of the business are not generating income?
  • What needed to be repainted? – what products and services needed to be refreshed?
  • Which rooms needed to be cleaned? – which Clients have you not visited for a long time to chat through work?
  • Each room had a list of actions? – Each client and project should have a list of actions

Back in the office this morning and feel clearer about what I need to achieve.

Did some very simple coaching on myself to work out the focus short term between now and Christmas.

Write down the roles you have in life and give them a score and decide between now and Christmas which ones you need to improve.

Please find mine below as a guide:-

NOW                     DECEMBER

Mother = 8           10

Wife = 7                9

Sister = 8              9

Daughter = 8         9

Friend = 7              9

Nuggets MD = 8    10

Another very simple exercise is to create a pie chart of where you are spending your time now and where you want to be spending your time by December.

Crude drawings of the percentages are enough to see whether your focus is correct.  I currently want to make a switch from doing more delivery which will mean less time at home, which is where the business needs to go.

Taking time out to properly recharge gives you a new focus and a clearer direction.

For a new look at your business, work with a coach. Please contact for more details.



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