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How to take responsibility…?


Take full responsibility for everything that happens to you in life is the difference between being the “driver or the passenger”.

In the book “Monday Morning Leadership” by David Cottrell – Jeff  the main character arrives for his first mentor session with Tony.  He is late and blames the weather and traffic etc… Tony explains that in life there will always be rain or traffic, you make adjustments, you leave earlier or you find another route.

“What happens when you place blame is that you focus on the past, when you accept responsibility, you focus on this time forward on the future.  You accept total responsibility”

If you eliminate blame from your vocabulary then you will start to make positive changes.

Knowing and implementing are two different things.  I have my own business so I am the driver, however I know taking full responsibility for where we go and what we do can be exhausting.  Responsibility comes with choices and ultimately decisions.  Stephen Covey explains that the word responsibility is split in two – it is always are ability to choose a response and put together equals responsibility.

I cannot blame budgets in organisations or economic downturns I have to take responsibility for creating products and services that are more accessible to the market.  I change the destination, not the driver.

Until you accept total responsibility – no matter what – you will not be able to put plans in place to accomplish your goals.

For a 90 minute workshop on “Responsibility – Be the driver not the passenger” please contact

Photo this week is courtesy of Sophie Wilkinson (homemade cake with nugget branding)

sophs cake


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  1. Hope there is still some of that cake left this morning!! (Only joking!). Great decoration, Sophie! Jx

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