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What is in your vision…?


We are at that time of year where we are thinking how to do it differently in 2016.  We are looking to the future and deciding what to put in that vision.

Last night at a church service the Bishop of Guildford explained he was given some cardboard and some tape and asked to create a church, along with several colleagues. He was very proud of his creation, he managed to construct a nave and pulpit, it was looking good.  He checked out the competition only to discover that a few had not created a building, and had just cut out people of all different sizes.

When thinking about your vision for 2016, focus on the people first not the tangibles.  People do business with people and why we are in business is for the people that matter to us.

I worked with my coach last week to create the vision for nuggets and everything there was connected to a relationship.

Being practical take 6 steps:-

  1. What is the topic? – be clear about what the vision is covering – life and work?
  2. How far do you want to go? – timeframe of 5/10years
  3. Write down all your achievements all things you are proud of?
  4. Write the vision – as if it has already happened. Let it pour out of you, take a good 30 minutes and don’t worry how extreme or silly it sounds
  5. Review your draft- engage with it and be inspired, if not start again
  6. Share the vision and have fun in the process of sharing

The best work I have done with organisations with vision is when they have had to share their vision as a story or as a 3 dimensional structure.  Anything that brings it to life.  Quite remarkable what some delegates have created out of tin foil!!

For a workshop on creating a vision, please do contact Beverlie Wilkinson at for other workshops please take a tour of the website 



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