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How to find the spirit of Christmas…?


Shopping yesterday we were delighted to see that you don’t have to look to far to find the spirit of Christmas. One does wonder why can’t it be like it all year round.

The car park is the start of the normal pressure or anger management, however choose your companion wisely and sitting in the car might not be so bad. Waiting patiently for a space we were not to be disappointed and our calmness was rewarded with a ticket (well almost)!! The mother shouted to her son

“Give the ticket to that lady” sadly he chose another at the ticket machine.

His mother shouted again “Scot that was the wrong one”.

However her spirit was good, the giving and not receiving was alive and well.

The shopping experience could have been fraught with new stresses and strains, especially now you need your own bags. My shopping partner and I maneuvered our own bags and found that the whole bag situation leads to new banter in the shops and they really do try and help as much as possible. We are all part of something greater and the plastic bag situation is possibly our biggest gift in giving back.

The best altruistic moment was in a queue being offered a voucher if you spend over £20 which then saved you £5. The man had been through the till already received the voucher and wanted to pass it on. We happily accepted and no time to truly acknowledge his act of kindness or generosity.

The last few days I have seen so much of the spirit of Christmas, extra size coffee for the same price as a small, free coffee and just generally more fun.

Will we be able to bottle it and take it into January? Think about your own spirit of Christmas: –

  • Is it a new Christmas smile
  • Saying “Happy Christmas”
  • Feeling alive
  • Being cheeky
  • Being generous
  • Not taking it to seriously
  • Giving away your parking ticket

Thank you so much to all my blog followers this year – this will be the last post of 2015 and I look forward to writing again in 2016.

Have a brilliant Christmas!!



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