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How to stick to goals…?


Whether it be a New Year resolution or a business objective, staying focused and setting new challenges is hard to stick to.

Here are some top tips to keep you on track:-

  1. Goals being visual – “What you focus on becomes reality…” – create a picture
  2. Proper goals that have meaning and can be measured
  3. Writing them down – “What gets written gets done…” Bev Wilkinson or the management guru “What gets measured gets done…” Tom Peters
  4. Why? –  the reason behind the goal – that is the motivation, see yourself having already achieved it.  This is why it matters.
  5. Time to focus on achievement, ensuring within your how you have increments of time so you can see if you are moving forward with it.
  6. Replace weaknesses or temptations with new rituals.
  7. Goal buddy will help you work towards the goal.
  8. Most importantly reward yourself and celebrate accomplishment.

Systems lead to goals therefore a performance goal is always more powerful than an achievement goal.  You may win the race however if you save 2 seconds on your last time that performance is a better measure than winning the race the achievement.

The visual wheel of goal setting starts with the:-

  • Why?- in the centre
  • What? – areas to focus
  • How? – outer circle – tasks to move you closer to goal

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