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How to use your Myers Briggs profile…?


You have attended a real great team build where you found out your Myers Briggs profile.  It was really interesting, however it was in a folder that disappeared into a drawer.  You were not sure what to do following the event.

Myers Briggs provides a personality framework it explains:-

  • How you are energised
  • How you acquire information
  • Your decision making approach
  • The structure to your lifestyle

We meet different personalities everyday and we possibly never find out any of the above, quite tricky to ask, “What is your decision making approach…?”

However we can merge other tools within learning and development to explore the Myers Briggs.

The psychological contract is often used in career development:-

  • What do you want?
  • What does the company want?
  • What do you offer?
  • What does the company offer?

These are things that are not written down in an actual contract or on a job spec or on your own CV, however they provide more answers than the paperwork.

Imagine next time you go to a pitch or a meeting and you asked the psychological contract questions (what do you want/offer?).  The answers might be able to uncover some elements of the companies personality or the individuals you are meeting.    Their answers could be able to provide indicators to their Myers Briggs profile.

To keep team members engaged with the Myers Briggs try these top tips as well:-

  • Plot everyone in the Myers Briggs table – individual copy and a central one in the office
  • Reply to team e-mails using your Myers Briggs letters
  • Profile clients and organisations when possible
  • Running action plan of how it is going to make a difference personally
  • Present your contribution to the team by harnessing the strengths of your profile
  • Make changes to your work environment with the knowledge of your profile
  • Share with colleagues your problem solving approach
  • How does your profile sit with the team profile – which preferences are different, and how will this help you with clients?

We can help with any element of Myers Briggs, please do contact us (ENFP).



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