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Performance Vs Achievement


On Friday nuggets ran a breakfast seminar on goal setting and I stressed the importance of performance and achievement.  We need to be strongly motivated and achievement underpins motivation, therefore we have to go for a target a goal to get excited.

However the journey to the goal and the consistency of our performance can be where the change and the learning really occurs.  Processes and systems lead to goals and you have to make changes to your habits and behaviours to get there.  We might be saying yes and no to new experiences.  This often requires discipline and a new way of behaving which would be really beneficial to maintain long after the goal has been achieved.

Performance has more elements so therefore has more lasting gratification rather than the short lived achievement.

We can generate just as much excitement around how we are going to achieve the goal which is where the performance is.  Goal setting has three elements:-

  • Why it matters?
  • What you are focusing on achieving?
  • How you are going to do it?

To leap in at the “How” makes the goal real, you will have some life changing habits and behaviours that will stay with you long after the achievement of the goal.  Retired athletes take their training and the learning of how to train into all life areas, and long after the gold medals their focus is on the performance and not the achievement of wining the badge.

We can also damage our mindset if we focus too much on the achievement and not the performance.  Setbacks happen in life and if you do fail to achieve your goal better you had a list of:-

  • new habits
  • new behaviours
  • new processes
  • new actions

The list would rejuvenate you into believing I did not reach the end point, however look how much I learnt along the way. Enjoy every action.

Performance lasts, invest in yourself and you will be amazed what you can achieve.

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