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Do you fit your organisational culture…?


We join organisations after an interview lasting an hour and if we are lucky we have a second.  Unlike other relationships we establish we don’t get a chance to talk through what they value.

We enter a psychological contract, all the things that are not written down, which are hugely important to both parties.  Receiving the terms and conditions of employment do not give you the real insight.  What do they actually offer? Fun, laughter, relaxed atmosphere and a place to be yourself.  What do you offer? – Positivity?


Culture has several elements and we need to understand how we match.

  • Symbols – the logo/the badge – superficial outer layer
  • Heroes – who set up the business? Key leaders who have left a legacy
  • Rituals – traditions peculiar to that company – etiquette, behaviours etc…
  • Values – very heart and core of an organisation – do they value money/people


As a team explore the elements of culture and see how well matched you are.

I run workshops with teams on values and culture, please do get in touch for more details








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