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How to guide your team into creativity…?


Space to think and be creative. Some say that looking at greenery stimulates the brain into thinking differently, or is it as simple as time and space.

Like any other skill however we need a framework some mechanical tools of how to actually do it. The worst thing you can throw at your team is to ask them to brainstorm and think creatively. This can often lead to a complete brain freeze. Being told to do anything is not a great message, but expecting an automatic response to creativity is often brain locking.

Challenging assumptions is a very easy and quick tool, ignoring all that you know about something already and rethinking about it. This can be positioned in a very structured and safe way to a team.

“List all the things you know about our products already” this would be the heading for one column and the other would be “Break this assumption”. If the product you knew to be round why could it not be square.   Some of the challenges might not be practical, however for every four crazy ideas you may have one really great idea.

Brainstorming can be structured, by simply using hexagons, you can create clusters and the mathematical shape lends itself to being linked.   This often replicates what is going on in our heads. Neurological pathways making automatic connections.

We can all be creative we just need to be give the space and time and the right tools and resources to unleash the innovative mind.

I help businesses and individual think and work differently, please do get in touch.

hexagons 001


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