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How to solve problems…?


Knowing where to start with a problem and focusing on the right things.  Whilst studying for Myers Briggs accreditation I came across the Zig Zag model.  It maps the problem on a journey.

  • What do you know already?
  • What ideas and solutions do you have?
  • How do you make a decision based on the ideas you have?
  • What is the impact on people?

zig zag

We begin with just the facts, what is the situation – exactly? What has gone before?  Who is involved? Collect the data, keeping an open mind. Then use your intuition to speculate on patterns and connections formed by the facts. What are the possibilities?

Once you have the facts and ideas use objective analysis, weighing facts against speculations. Use logic to determine cause and effect. End the zig zag model by using judgment to incorporate the human consequences: the impact on people and values.

Studies show that we have a favoured route and if we don’t consider all the points of the zig zag we might shortcut it and this could have implications.  My own route would be to get excited about possibilities think who I could sell it to and then completely miss the consequences of costs.

The model works really well as a team exercise using post-it notes and also individually you can map it out for  yourself.  We can deliver 90 minute workshop on Problem Solving, please do get in touch




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