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What are your brand guidelines…?


Having worked at Disney it was easy to see what Mickey Mouse was allowed to do and not do.  There was a bible on every Disney character as to what was expected.  You must always remember that Mickey is a mouse and that he eats cheese and that he only ever goes out with Minnie.

As you go through life you have a way of behaving and presenting yourself.  Our clothing acts as our packaging and leaves the strongest memory with the people we meet.  When I set up nuggets I talked about colourful learning so therefore I never wanted to deliver a course in a black outfit.  For those of you who know me, I wear bright pink lipstick, which has now worked in my favour as a brand identity.  People have a memory of a facilitator in a coloured outfit with bright  lipstick.

Think about your own brand integrity, what would you never do and what would you always do.  I always want to engage with people in a positive way, especially delegates, therefore my brand integrity would be to interact with them straightaway, even if I am still setting up the room.  Ethically I would always use licensed materials and honesty in business is essential.  I also believe in sharing materials and giving back.

My brand guidelines and integrity are not documented, however as the business grows they should be shared.

Set out some brand guidelines if you would like your brand to be consistent and memorable. I am more than happy to help facilitate a workshop to make that happen.

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