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Practicalities of change


Change is the law of life it is inevitable, nothing stays the same. Being flexible, adaptable and welcoming to the change can help with our mindset. If you expect an inevitability around it then you will grow and flourish with the change.

Documenting and writing about change is easy enough, however living through it is much harder. The number of unknowns make it the challenge. We have to be robust and responsive.

Practical tips for succeeding in a change situation:-

Change curve

  1. Map your progress using the change curve – knowing that every emotion and behaviour is perfectly normally will help. Ensure that you are moving within the curve and not getting stuck on one position.
  2. Write down all the concerns you have connected with the change and see how many of them can be influenced (eg. Actioned).
  3. Read a good book each night that is not work related and watch films that are not connected to work.
  4. Be practical and keep a log of your progress through the change.
  5. Be ready for the next change
  6. Review how well you coped with the change
  7. Enjoy change

2 thoughts on “Practicalities of change

  1. Very good blog – it should be able to help many people facing change, which can be so frustrating, and disturbing – the only way is to look at it full on!

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