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Intelligent travel…


Travelling to your local shops or a world tour, we need to experience the culture around us. Last week we listened to Simon Reeve the TV presenter known for his adventurous travel programmes.

He says that whenever you travel, experience the light and shade and always travel intelligently.

Embrace the culture of where you are, by communicating with people. Have meaningful encounters with anyone you engage with. If you are young it is not about signing up to a Gap “Ya” it is about getting off the beaten track and really seeing the country you are in. What they eat and how they eat is what will constitute a proper “Gap Year”.

We are very fearful as travellers and yet in his words the way to stay safe is not to eat anything from the salad bar and wear a seat belt. The fear is within us and we can talk ourselves out of anything.

One of his best quotes was “memories live longer than a tan”.

Freedom and travel are privilege and he described a girl being stuck in a refugee camp, where her whole childhood has been spent. However hard the security process might seem at the airport we are the privileged.

We don’t have to be extreme travellers to have meaningful encounters and to see the light and shade. Our society and culture have enough to observe, however we do need to keep our eyes open.

This week engage in intelligent travel…

simon reeve





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