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Shaking up learning…


You can see already that the next generation aren’t going to learn from a book or for that matter hang on every word of the teacher or lecturer.  Initiated learning and self motivation, developing an entrepreneurial spirit will keep the next gang fit for change.

In 2030 – 47% of existing jobs could be automated and most of us will be freelancers.

How do we learn for this new world:-

  • Peer to peer – sharing expertise
  • Informal learning
  • Creating innovators
  • Do it yourself – self motivation and drive
  • Fun learning – enjoying it
  • Courage – no restrictions

David Price’s book Open describe the process as democratising.  He recounts how his own son learnt a style of singing in 3 weeks by watching modules on YouTube.  Not just any singing “Tuvan” which is worth a YouTube!!

After the reading the book and having the privilege of hearing David speak I am excited about this learning revolution.  We can really be anything we want to be and go beyond where our parents left off.  We must not fear this change, we must embrace it and if we have good values to guide us we are not going to abuse or misuse the technology.

Have a great week and embrace learning.

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