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From culture comes strength…


“From culture comes strength” what a fantastic motto and how true in the times we live in. The motto belongs to my son’s school who recently hosted a summit on culture. They had many speakers and looked at it from the educational context and beyond.

The Head set the scene by saying culture albeit holistic does provide a framework and structure. “They way we do things around here”.

Culture in a scientific sense is connected tissue and in organisations that would be so effective. Shared thinking and behaviours in sync with each other a connected community with a sense of purpose.

Tessa Jowell was a speaker and used the Olympics in 2012 to explain how connected tissue or culture came together. The opening ceremony engaged us and showed to the world an insight into UK culture. Every medal has a team behind it and the Olympic torch through the UK gave a sense that everyone mattered. A connected tissue of strength.

Working with teams in organisations to determine their own culture I get them to define the UK culture first, unrelated learning before contextual.


We then get the team to complete from their company perspective, what are their symbols, heroes, rituals and values. This is far more effective than just running a values workshop that might only give you a small insight to the culture.

Investing in your culture and defining it is hugely important. Employee engagement is determined by “the way we do things around here”.

“From culture comes strength”


One thought on “From culture comes strength…

  1. We have just experienced this workshop and it was brilliant. Great results and the follow up was all positive. Our thanks to Bev

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