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A simple hello will make the difference…


We are delivering a breakfast seminar on Friday, “Persuading and Influencing” and I have been reading, “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

The book was first published in October 1936, however the messages are still so relevant today.  The connection with people and linking up to the authenticity that it is within all of us.

One of my favourite stories is below:-

Edward a sales representative of Johnson & Johnson want to retain an account with a drug store that sold J&J products.  Edward was genuinely interested in other people.  Whenever he went into any store he always talked to employees for a few minutes before talking to the owner to obtain his order.

One day the owner of a drug store asked Edward to leave as he was no-longer interested in buying J&J products.  He felt that J&J were concentrating their activities on food and discount stores to the detriment of small drug stores.  Edward left with his tail between his legs.

Several hours later Edward returned to the store wanting to explain his position to the owner.  As usual Edward said hello to several employees.  When he walked up to the owner, the owner smiled and welcomed him back.  He then gave him double his usual order.  Edward looked at him with surprise and asked him what had happened since his visit only a few hours earlier.  The owner pointed to his employees.  He stated that after Edward left the employee’s stated that he was one of the few sales people that called on the store that even bothered to say hello to them.  The employee’s told the owner that if any salesperson deserved his business, it was Edward.  The owner agreed and remained a loyal customer.

The story is so great and demonstrating that individuality carries more weight that who you represent.  You can be bigger than the brand you represent.

My husband works in commercial property and for a brand that has a good reputation not necessarily a name known in London.  After 26 years of working the West London patch it is the individual name they seek out not the company.  His reputation and way of doing business is authentic and therefore companies migrate to him as a person.

Think about your individual branding and what would people say about you, do they want to work with you.  Do you say hello to all the individuals when you arrive at a Company, do you give off a good vibe…?

Please do contact me if you wish to attend the Persuading and Influencing breakfast in Guildford this Friday 10th June or London on the 24th June.

Dale Carnegie


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