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Shout distinction…


What is your compelling story?

Do you have great packaging?

What is it about you that is distinctive?

The well known product brands ensure that they look the same on every shelf at the same time.  They will have something about them that is distinctive.  We need to learn from them as to how we can get locked into the memories of our customers.

When I set up nuggets in 2004 I made a commitment to wear colour when delivering the workshops.  If you are delivering colourful learning you need to be colourful.  I also wear bright pink lipstick and often get known as “Bev with the pink lipstick”.

The lipstick will not be enough to secure a deal we need to look to saleable distinction.

  • Do you have a truly original voice?
  • A clear point of view
  • Ideas that you care deeply about
  • Do you offer value to clients?

An outcome that will matter and be a distinction in a competitive world.

Please do contact for a workshop on Personal Branding

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