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Summer is here…


Summer is here and new thinking comes with it.  It  make us feel different everything seems possible when the sun shines and the sky is blue, hence the term “blue sky” thinking.

Last week I painted our kitchen and it was amazing to work physically for a whole week without being challenged mentally.  I chose a good week to be inside and it was perfect recharge to look at the world and most importantly the business differently.

It would be hard for businesses to orchestrate a painting “boot camp” however it was the perfect blue sky exercise I have done in a long while.  As there was no pressure on me mentally everything did seem possible and the only time I was stressed was reconstruction of a plate rack.

In Europe a lot of businesses shut down for the summer and our own Parliament is due to begin its summer recess.  We need time to rethink, reengineer and reinvent ourselves for the Autumn/Winter.

I want to be fit for business in a mental and physical capacity.

Therefore before September I need to work on some specific goals and most importantly ask the right questions:-

  • Monthly financial targets
  • Business development meeting target
  • What is working in the business?
  • What is not working in the business?
  • Where am I spending most of my time?

Stephen Covey believes in order to be a whole person or we could say “match fit for September” you need to be challenged:

  • mentally
  • physically
  • emotionally
  • spiritually

Think of each of those areas what you would like to achieve and what they each mean to you.

Enjoy the recess…!!


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