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Where do you want to be in a year…?


Working as a coach I ask my clients to look to the future as to what they want to achieve.  Framing the conversation so that they feel safe and supported is very important for them to believe the goals can be achieved.

Using laminated cards I ask that they walk the timeline so that they are moving forward with their thoughts and stepping into the date time and place.

The Future 

It is really important to take them to the future first, one year from now.  Set the date and ask them what they and see as if they are there.  Ensure that you don’t look at them so that it does not become a chat in the present day.  They have arrived they are a year ahead in their business and they have achieved several things and you want to hear how proud and excited they are by all that they have worked on.

Current situation 

You then ask them to walk all the way back to the current space they are in at the moment.  You spend half the time here that you spent in the future as often there are blocks to their thinking, absorbed in reasons why things are not happening.

Half way there

This is a great place for them to go they are half way through the year and still have the expectation that all can be achieved.  They will have had some successes along the way and will visualise their goals taking shape.

Intermediate steps and actions

You are now 3 months before the end of the year so it is the finishing touches stage to a great year and almost planning the next.  It is the final hurdle and you might have seen a new finish to your race, squeeze in some extra work or meet some new clients.

Immediate steps & actions

Bring them back to a space where things are reality, what will they do now, tomorrow and in the next few weeks.  Everything becomes tangible and actionable.

Please do not hesitate to contact nuggets to walk your own timeline.





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